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Various graphics systems and translators that are currently available to interact with GPBEST are presented here. Utilizing these features, a user is able to prepare a data set for the analysis using the integrated graphics system BESTVIEW or use translators to and from other graphics packages such as PATRAN, I-DEAS, FEMAP and HYPERMESH. In addition, since a documented neutral file format for data exchanges with GPBEST is available, users can easily write translation programs to interface with their own favorite graphics system. Currently, forward and reverse translators are available for PATRAN, I-DEAS (sometimes known as CAEDS), FEMAP, and HYPERMESH.

Key Benefits

Allows the user to choose the modeling program they are most experienced with.
GPBEST data file creation, error checking, and disk space requirement estimates.
GPBEST neutral file translation to other analysis programs.
Many Pre- and Post-processors can be integrated with GPBEST analysis.


The TRANSLATORS are currently bundled with the GPBEST annual lease agreements at no additional cost. This product is not leased separately from GPBEST or GPBEST-DCE distributions.






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