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General Purpose Boundary Element Software Technology - Distributed Computing Environment (GPBEST-DCE) is a complete boundary element engineering analysis system utilizing state-of-the-art distributed computing techniques. GPBEST-DCE offers significant advantages by allowing a heterogeneous collection of workstations, supercomputers and multi-processor machines to function as a single high-performance parallel machine. GPBEST-DCE is portable and can run on a wide variety of modern platforms which have been used successfully for solving large-scale problems in the science and engineering community. GPBEST-DCE is designed to link computing resources and provide users with a parallel platform for running GPBEST, the physical location or number of different computers used is of no consequence to GPBEST-DCE.

Key Benefits

Utilize idle CPU hours for productive work.
Drastically reduced wallclock time for design project turn-around.
Provide a system-wide load balanced computational resource.

Current Capabilities of GPBEST-DCE

General Features
GPBEST-DCE installation checking
Input data error checking
User and load sensing of available hosts
Dynamic GPBEST-DCE load balancing
Speedup and time savings calculation
Automatically releases hosts from GPBEST-DCE configuration when no longer needed
Courtesy weighting and variable priority factor capabilities
Documented GPBEST-DCE result and log files
Elastic Stress Analysis
Isotropic and anisotropic media
Centrifugal and self-weight body forces
Axisymmetric bodies under non-axisymmetric loading
Thermal Stress Analysis
Steady-state and transient thermal stress analysis
Concurrent heat transfer and stress analysis
Thermal distortion analysis
Heat Transfer Analysis
Steady-state and transient heat conduction
Thermal resistance across subregions
Other potential flow or diffusive systems
such as corrosive electrolytic processes
electrostatics and ground water flow
Acoustic Analysis
Acoustic eigenfrequency analysis
General periodic and transient scalar wave problems
Structural acoustics
FEM regions
Nonlinear Stress Analysis
Frictional interfaces between sub-structured regions
Fracture Mechanics Analysis
Elastic analysis with body forces
Steady-state dynamic analysis
Thermal fracture analysis

Current GPBEST Usage

A large US aircraft manufacturing corporation
A large international appliance manufacturer
Several US automobile manufacturing companies
A number of biomedical equipment manufacturing firms
A number of large machinery manufacturing corporations
Large Japanese automobile manufacturing companies
Several German appliance design and manufacturing companies
Heavy transportation equipment manufacturer
A large Canadian gas turbine manufacturing company
A large US gas turbine manufacturing company

Commercial Pricing


Degree of Freedom

Annual Lease Price


80,000 $24,000 - $60,000


80,000 Call/email for quotation

Available on Unix Platforms:

Hewlett Packard HPUX 10.xx/11.x
SUN Solaris 8.x
Silicon Graphics IRIX  6.5x
Windows NT 4.0/2000





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