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The Boundary Element Software Technology VIEWer (BESTVIEW) is a graphics system that helps in the generation and viewing of a structural model, as well as preparation of input data for subsequent analysis through GPBEST. With results from the analysis module (GPBEST), the structural behavior may be visualized through BESTVIEW. BESTVIEW has many options for creation and alteration of models and a wide range of options for displaying any model in the most convenient manner. The software works under the X-windows environment, enabling greater flexibility under different hardware platforms. It is important to understand clearly how BESTVIEW fits into the overall design and analysis process. It is not intended to be an all-purpose tool. It has a definite scope, and the user should be aware of what its intended purpose is in order to use it properly.

Key Benefits

Pre-processor for defining the model and generating data files for GPBEST analysis.
Apply BEM-type boundary conditions and loads.
Generate complex geometry and mesh models quickly.
Post-processor for displaying results after successful GPBEST analysis.

star.wmf (1334 bytes) View excellent high accuracy fringe and contour plots quickly and easily. star.wmf (1334 bytes)


BESTVIEW is currently bundled with the GPBEST (24,000 dof) annual lease agreements at no additional cost. This product is not leased separately from GPBEST or GPBEST-DCE distributions.





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