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The most efficient and accurate 3-D Boundary Element Method analysis available, developed by the people who gave the "Boundary Element Method" it's name.

Our Mission

Boundary Element Software Technology (BEST) Corporation has become a leading provider of Boundary Element Method solutions in the industry today. General Purpose Boundary Element Software Technology (GPBEST) is an advanced engineering analysis system based upon the Boundary Element Method (BEM).  For many problems, BEM offers significant advantages in accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use over the more familiar Finite Element Method (FEM). Finally, our primary mission is to make engineers more efficient and productive in the industry.

Company Profile

GPBEST is fully supported by a team of engineers with doctoral degrees in the Boundary Element Method.  These engineers have been involved in the development of GPBEST since its conception in 1983 and are currently engaged in further enhancement of the program.

Dr. Prasanta K. Banerjee is the founder of BEST Corporation and has worked with many major corporations in the industry including:

Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, USA
General Motors Company, USA
Ford Motors Company, USA
Chrysler Corporation, USA
Allied Signal, USA
Zimmer, USA
John Deere, USA
Braun AG, Germany
Mercedes Benz, Germany
BMW, Germany
Luk, Germany
Kugelfischer, Germany
European Gas Turbine Company, UK
Pratt & Whitney, Canada
Newtech Brake Systems, Canada

"Use of the boundary element method will result in less expensive products since it allows them to move more quickly from the design stage to manufacturing." says Dr. Prasanta K. Banerjee of BEST Corporation "Changes in the geometric configurations are very easy to incorporate on a surface mesh. Additionally, most of today's analysis problems are so complex that engineers would love to have two vastly different analysis tools ( FEM and BEM) to produce the similar answers so that they can sleep better at night."

"For large three-dimensional elastic and thermal problems with gaps and contacts GPBEST is virtually unbeatable." says Dr. Karl Depta, group leader of CAE at Braun AG, Germany.  

"With the boundary element method, you just model the outside boundary," said Dr. Ken Liao, senior engineer at the John Deere Product Engineering Center. "It automatically figures out the inside on its own."

"Recent advances in boundary element software have made three-dimensional analysis of complex structures a reality," said Dr. Ray B. Wilson, development engineering manager at Pratt & Whitney.

Contact Information

For more information, including a 12 page color brochure, please contact us at one of the following postal mail addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers:

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162 Golden Pheasant Drive, Getzville, New York, 14068
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P.O. Box 310, Getzville, New York, 14068
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