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In this day and age of fast paced design to production manufacturing companies, the need for custom software solutions is often required. GPBEST is perfectly suited for this type of fast paced analysis. Many commercial users of GPBEST have requested and received custom software solutions for their specific manufacturing analysis needs. Interested users can contact BEST Corporation via telephone or email to negotiate their specific needs.

Key Benefits

State-of-the-art software platform for complicated analysis.
Same high accuracy analysis solutions.
Responsive to user needs.

Previously Negotiated Projects

General Purpose Boundary Element Software Technology - Distributed Computing Environment (GPBEST-DCE)
GPBEST-DCE stemmed from a large manufacturing companies need for utilizing the computational resources available to analyze urgently needed model results. Particularly to solve production line problems extremely quickly and accurately using all resources available. The resulting down time for production is subsequently minimized and the product design successfully completed.
GPBEST Gaps and Contacts
Current GPBEST gaps and contact analysis was initiated from a large automotive manufacturers requirement for analyzing very complex geometry models. Many models contained over 50 Geometric Modeling Regions (GMRs) of various material properties and contact interfaces. In order to solve the non-linear interface conditions imposed by such a model, GPBEST responded with a very accurate gap and contact algorithm to give the required model solutions.
GPBEST Restart Facility
Originally GPBEST solutions were produced by completely integrating and solving the entire model presented to the program. It became evident that in analyzing models that contain in excess of 50 GMRs, integration and solving of the entire model is not necessary from one design change to the next. Only the GMRs that are changing need to be integrated, the balance of the model integration and solving can be used from the previous model. This facility drastically reduces the amount of solution time required to analyze small design changes in large complex models.

Current Projects

GPBEST High Performance Solver
In order to solve very large real world problems, BEST Corporation has made inroads into several major hardware manufacturer software development programs. Recent research has produced astounding results in the development of a BEM solver that is capable of solving huge BEM models. Coupling this research and hardware manufacturers development programs BEST Corporation is well on its way to releasing a state-of-the-art high performance solver.
GPBEST Casting and Injection Molding
Casting and injection molding present some unique and complex problems for the engineer that is trying to minimize thermal stresses imposed on a body under manufacture. GPBEST team of developers are currently working on analyzing these problems within the GPBEST infrastructure to provide high accuracy casting and injection molding solutions for two large corporations.







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