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Case Studies

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Elastic Stress Analysis
Isotropic and anisotropic media
Centrifugal and self-weight body forces
Axisymmetric bodies under non-axisymmetric loading
Dynamic Analysis
Free vibration analysis
Forced periodic response
Thermal Stress Analysis
Steady-state and transient thermal stress analysis
Concurrent heat transfer and stress analysis
Thermal distortion analysis
Heat Transfer Analysis
Steady-state and transient heat conduction
Thermal resistance across subregions
Other potential flow or diffusive systems
such as corrosive electrolytic processes
electrostatics and ground water flow
Acoustic Analysis
Acoustic eigenfrequency analysis
General periodic and transient scalar wave problems
Structural acoustics
FEM regions
Nonlinear Stress Analysis
Gaps, contacts, and frictional interfaces between substructured regions
Geotechnical Analysis
Inhomogeneous regions (piecewise homogeneous regions)
Anisotropic and isotropic media
Body forces due to self-weight and seepage forces
Ground water flow analysis
Coupled stress analysis in consolidation
Dynamic analysis of buried foundations and structures
Fracture Mechanics Analysis
Elastic analysis with body forces
Steady-state dynamic analysis
Thermal fracture analysis






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